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...The Bloomfield Cruisers, a non-profit social group of collector car and motorcycle enthusiasts (aka gear heads) who live or otherwise are affiliated with the greater Bloomfield, NJ region. The leaders are Roy Yokelson, Mike Sceurman, Steve Martino and Founder Carlos Pomares, better known as the Grand Pubahs. Along with other gear heads and our network of friends, the group supports and/or sponsors local community and charitable events such as the annual Bloomfield Center Alliance's weekly Cruise Nights, Recycle Bicycle Giveaway, Turkey Drive, a little league team, and Toy Drive. Whenever possible, we do what we can to help out and promote our community.  

Getting involved is easy

Gearheads and their families are most welcomed to join us at the Bloomfield Center Alliance's Weekly Cruise Nights and other events (see our calendar).  There are no membership dues but some events require a fee. Proceeds from any fees collected or items we sell (like T-shirts) help support our charitable efforts or those of organizations we support. 

You need NOT own a collector car or motorcycle, just a love for them. Some of our events encourage use of your daily driver so there's fun for everyone - often with a give-back purpose.

Why we are different

This isn’t your dad’s old guy car club - we are an inclusive group, often offering family-friendly events. For the hard-core gearhead, we will gather and travel to car shows or wrench in one of our garages. There’s something here for people of all ages and level of interest. So it doesn't matter if you have a stock, custom, modified, rat-rod, tuner, motorcycle with side car or no collector car at all, come party with the Pubahs because it's often for a good cause!

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We are often too busy driving or fixing our cars to update this website, so the best way to follow us is via Facebook! 

You can also drop us a note here!